The Pros And Cons Of Working a 9-5 Job

Growing up I would always hear people boast about how they were INDEPENDENT because they had a JOB, paid their own bills and, in their perspective, didn't rely on anyone to live and make ends meet. And while this might be a very accepted and common lifestyle that the average person would define as being independent, on a technical level, the question still remains: are these people really living a independent lifestyle?

In a MLM company that I used to be a part of, we considered the definition of a job to be "just over broke!" What these people fail to realize is that, while they might be living on their own and don't rely on anyone to personally take care of them, they still rely on someone for a job, so my answer is NO; they are NOT living a independent lifestyle. So I am definitely not endorsing 9-5 jobs here, and it's likely that I never will at this point of my life, but to be fair, there are good and bad things about having a 9-5 job that I wanted to share. Here are the pros and cons of working a 9-5 job from where I
see it:

There is much less anxiety about getting your address changed to a dumpster over making a poor work decision; or having your entire business fall victim to a search engine algorithm update; or getting denied access to a job because your social security number has been blocked for excessive spamming on someones website. There is also less of a chance that you will ever face a 6 or 7 figure lawsuit because you didn't properly read the fine print in the terms and conditions of your work contract. Though this is a easily avoidable situation, it can and does happen.

Unlike a job where you can easily get support from co-workers, in the field of working for yourself, not many people are gonna be willing to help you do your job better without a hefty price tag for either a coaching program and/or membership to one of their websites. I learned this very early in my days of internet marketing. The primary reason for this is that, unlike a 9-5 job where people are rewarded with promotions or other offers for being a team player and helping their co-workers, in the internet marketing world, the incentive to help you for nothing is just not there. Sorry!
Don't we all wish we can have this?! Unfortunately for most online business owners, this is not one of our many things we have to boast about. As a matter of fact, even our current financial circumstances are not guaranteed to be around long regardless of how hard we grind every week or two. That's just the way it works, and this is likely one of the many reasons 9-5ers don't adapt well when they try to make the switch over to the right side of the cash flow quadrant.

The obvious trade-off for job security here is financial security. The day that you retire and/or are no longer able to work, unless you have residual income flowing in that you can live off of, you will stop making money and inevitably put yourself between a rock and hard place. This is a huge problem and if you don't want to become another statistic, I would highly recommend that you move to the right(no pun intended) side of the cash flow quadrant.

Sure, you might be getting paid a decent salary compared to others and receive employee of the month and a pat on the back every once in a while, but I don't know many people who would pass up the opportunity to make ten times the amount they are making for a fraction of the time they are working. Even if you are working in a field you are passionate about, would you love to be able take time off whenever you wanted to spend time with friends and family? Or (obviously) make more money and secure your future financially? Well that's where your time and effort pays off the most financially!

This is my favorite reason. I own my business! When I wake up; promote my brand on my social networking profiles; optimize my website for organic search traffic; get someone to click one of my affiliate links; get someone to subscribe to my website through email updates; start a ad campaign, et cetera, I am building a digital asset that I personally own and that will bring in passive income for years to come with the right amount of time and effort. No one owns their job, and for any or no reason they can lose it at any moment. This is why I am constantly reminding people to fire their boss before their boss fires them. Take or leave my advice; it is to your discretion.


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