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My Strategies For Generating Leads Through Twitter Marketing

I have been saying for a while now that Twitter is my favorite social networking platform for generating leads, but it just recently occurred to me that I haven't dived into the practical side of how I generate leads on Twitter. Twitter has 317 million monthly active users(as of 3rd quarter 2016, source), so regardless of what your niche is, Twitter has enough active users that will make it very much possible to generate at least 15-30 or more leads per day using the strategies I am about to introduce you to(that I also use myself). 

Let me start by saying that Crowdfire is the one and only tool I use for this method. There are other tools that will allow you to grow your audience through copying your competitors followers and targeting keywords that your leads are using on Twitter, but I only use Crowdfire for this method. The method I use to grow my Twitter account is commonly know in the marketing world as the "follow/unfollow" method. It works by using a tool like Crowdfire(or a direct Twitter search if you prefer to do this the complicated way like I did starting out) to search for users of a specific interest or keyword that is relevant to what you are promoting and following them in hopes that they will return the favor and follow you back. I'd say about 30-50% of the people that I follow do actually follow me back, but my rate is that high because I'm more selective about WHO I follow rather than HOW MANY ACCOUNTS I follow; as I'm more concerned about the quality of my followers rather than the quantity; as you will more than likely be yourself when you begin to notice you are not getting any clicks or engagements because you are following an army of bots! Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's get into my strategies:

Not required, but I use one. I will say that you should limit your automation efforts to welcome dm's and blog updates like I do because anything more is overkill and can make your campaign look tacky. The last thing you want to do is make people think your account is a bot that will never engage with them on a personal level because this will instantly kill your credibility. Use a auto dm tool(Crowdfire is one of them) to send a message to your new followers thanking them for subscribing to your campaign and sending them a link to your landing page. As stated earlier, this is not mandatory. You can just send welcome messages(or tweets) yourself, but you already have a lot to do with content creation and flipping leads(follow/unfollow), so I recommend you use an auto dm tool. But definitely use welcome messages to follow up with your new leads. This is the finishing touch to the follow/unfollow strategy in my opinion.

Like I said, you should always examine the accounts first before following them because if you are following nothing but bots then you will have a very hard time trying to build an online business this way. Some signs to look for are unique human engagement with other profiles, an actively updated website and topics on their timeline about recent events that would be difficult to automate. Sign up for a free account with Crowdfire or use Twitters built-in search bar to search for prospects within your niche. For example, let's imagine you are promoting weight loss products. What you would do is search for keywords like "I need to lose weight" or "how to lose weight" and you will then be given a list of accounts that have either mentioned those terms in one of their tweets or accounts that have those search terms in their bio. Follow at least 200-300 of these profiles a day. The max allowed per day is 1K, but that is a discouraged amount that I would stay away from. Check Twitters "aggressive following" policy for more info(link).  

((UPDATE): I forgot to mention something. I've found through my experience in doing this that leads/prospects with more follows than followers are more likely to follow you back. If you see someone with over 1k(or even less) followers but they are only following 200-300 people, it's instant proof that they don't follow all, or even most, of their followers back, so look at this as a red flag.))

I try my best to follow-back all of my followers that appear to be human followers, but even I'm guilty of letting a few slip by every once in a while. Also, some people are pretty busy and don't use Twitter as much as the normal person. Give your followers at least a week or a new tweet/login from the time you followed them(whichever comes first) before unfollowing them. Don't cling onto uninterested prospects for too long(huge mistake!) and try to engage with them and get them to notice you like I did starting out because I've come to find recently most of them won't follow you back when either of those conditions are met. And even if they do, they'll only be following you because of your engagement with them and not that they are actually interested in what you are promoting. Only engage with followers. I repeat, ONLY ENGAGE WITH FOLLOWERS!! This method is definitely a numbers game. Remember that!

After at least one of the above conditions are met with your stubborn prospects, It's time to kick them to the curb! I usually assign one day of the week for mass-unfollowing along with unfollowing on-the-go. If people have not followed you back at this point, take it from someone whom just recently learned from this mistake, THEY WON'T! Twitter has a limit on how many people you can follow(5k with additional terms depending on how many followers you have), so you shouldn't waste valuable space on someone that skipped over your profile in their notification feed or only logs into their account once a month(for whatever strange reason they have to be using Twitter?). Love your followers and dismiss your stubborn non-followers.

Do this over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over and over, and over again until you can't follow anymore. The whole idea of affiliate marketing is promoting products to as many targeted prospects as possible, and yes, it is a numbers game! You will find that many marketers on Twitter have used this same strategy to grow their profiles to having 1-10k+ targeted followers and trust me, they aren't sweeping floors or flipping burgers anywhere! As simple as this strategy is, believe it or not, there are people making well over 10k a month doing this. Whether your landing page is a squeeze page, sales page or blog, this method of generating traffic works well with any of them. Give it a try! Just remember, this is a numbers game.


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