The Art Of Persuasion

Persuasion is the primary ingredient of every successful marketing formula. In the marketing field, so much lies in persuading your target audience to take your desired action, whether directly or indirectly, that the best persuaders will always win and remain on top. Levels of success amongst different personality types are various, but here is a list of five things the most successful persuaders in the industry usually have in common:
1) They Know What Works
Persuasive people have a lot of savvy in their niche. They have mastered the fundamentals of what they are promoting; they are constantly adapting their marketing strategies to meet modern social and technological standards; and most importantly of all, they understand the psychology surrounding what they have to do and say to encourage you to take action.

2) They Are Great Listeners
I often say that the best marketing strategy is direct engagement, and good direct engagement always starts with listening to what your leads have to say about their current circumstances and understanding how you can help them. This makes the negotiation process a lot more natural for marketers and it helps them give advice to their leads that's targeted to their needs and concerns.

3) They Are Great At Finding Solutions
In comparison to the average person starting out looking for ways to make money online, the best marketers are much more aware of their options than they are and they use this advantage and expertise to the best of their marketing abilities. They are also great at finding and creating makeshift opportunities where a sale or transaction normally wouldn't take place. To sum that statement up, they can sell s*** to a toilet if they had to.

4) They Promote Win-Win Situations
No one wants to feel like they are on the losing end of your offers. They have built a wall to shield themselves from pushy and invasive salespeople who only see them as a quick profit, and your only way around it is to start by informing them that what you are promoting is just as beneficial to them as it is to you. This strategy does not apply to affiliates as much as it does to vendors, and this is one of the reasons why I believe affiliate marketing is the fastest and most effective way for beginners to make money online when it is done correctly.

5) They Never Say No
No matter who you are, where you work, how much money you make, how much time you have on your hands, what your experience and work background is, how many loans you have defaulted on, what your credit score is, how many kids you have, how long you have been married, how many movies you rented in your entire life or even how much money you saved on your car insurance by switching to Geico - you can do this!! Not only can you do it, but if you call them in the next 24 hours they'll even show you how you can turn $29.99 into a %10,000 profit in your first week😂😉


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