Advice On Cold Lead Marketing

After pitching your business offers to warm leads such as your family, friends, co-workers and close associates, the inevitable will eventually happen: you will have to promote to people you either don't know or don't know very well. These people are known as cold leads and they are usually harder to persuade. When promoting to these types of leads, one of the worst and most ineffective things you could do is try to sell them something upfront. The only time(s) you might be able to ignore this rule is if the person you are promoting to has already expressed an interest in the niche you are promoting, otherwise, you have to build a relationship with them first. I'm not in any multi-level marketing businesses(although I have tried a few in the past), and I'm not endorsing any of this persons products, but I want to refer you to a video I recently came across that really puts what I've said into clear perspective. Be sure to give their video a thumbs up if you've found this advice helpful.


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