Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Social media marketing is a very effective way of driving targeted traffic to your offers. Websites have the potential of receiving 20,000+ organic visitors in a year, and consistent marketing on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter will have a huge role in this success. People generally don't come on the internet to be pitched offers, so building trust and relationships is crucial to making money online, and social media marketing is one of the only ways this can be done. Apart from promoting, social media marketing can also be used for networking. Linking up with and catching the attention of top players in your niche online is a great way to get their followers to recognize you and send you some organic leads in the process. Social media marketing also allows you to send ads directly to a targeted followers to be tested for receptiveness before wasting your money on poor converting ads if you ever decide to use paid ads. Social media marketing is also highly customizable because you get the chance to get feedback and fix problems right away that might be affecting your campaign. A ton of people are using social media nowadays; with reports of over 300 million active monthly users for some websites. And the good news for us is that the playing field is very leveled. Obviously bigger advertisement budgets will lead to bigger results, but as long you have relevant, unique and attention grabbing content then you should be on your way to getting at least 20-30 targeted leads per day with the right amount of time and effort. 
What matters the most is constant engagement with your audience. There are several free tools that will allow you to search the web for keywords that are of interest to you and find where they are taking place. Google Alerts, for example, allows you to search for words and phrases and will notify you through email when new content relating to those words and phrases appear on the web. Another option is to use Twitter and/or Facebook to see conversations taking place relating to phrases and keywords of interest to you. There are even paid options for doing this like Lithium Response & Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Services like this will save you time by providing a dashboard that will allow you to group all of your social media monitoring phrases and keywords into one place. As soon as you use these tools to find where conversations are taking place surrounding your given search terms, you will then be able to engage in these conversations - gaining highly targeted leads in the process. By gaining insight into what people across the web(and probably even the world) are saying about you or your brand, you will gain a huge marketing advantage over your competitors and be able drive traffic and solve problems in real-time like you never been able to before. You should begin by starting a Google Alert about your brand. Add some for your leading competitors, too. You might learn things you otherwise wouldn't have by seeing what people are saying about them in comparison to you.


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    1. Thanks for the compliment, but I don't recommend buying social media engagements. They provide no R.O.I value