Love Your List

The list that I'm referring to could be a email list of subscribers to your newsletter or marketing campaign, or it could be the list of followers you have on your social media networking accounts, but the same golden rule applies to them all - love your list! You should not only be building your audience and providing them with valuable content, but you should also be constantly engaging with them and making them an active part of your campaign. If you treat your subscribers like a number, they will treat you like a stranger.

The first thing you always wanna do is to make sure your content is relevant to your audience. It won't matter how much you engage with your fans if they are not interested in what you are promoting. In addition, they are probably being overwhelmed with promotions at the time you are sending them your offers. Providing content that your audience actually wants will be the key to your success and conversion rates. You should pay very close attention to what you might be doing wrong.if you have a lot of inactive leads on your list. By "inactives" in the way I am referring to it is people who are not clicking on your links or engaging with your profile(s) in any way. This is a huge problem with email marketing where the inactive rate is said to be around 60% for the average marketing list. My guess is that people are becoming desensitized to receiving canned messages in their inbox these days(hopefully the 90's will be coming back soon!). This is why it is highly crucial to always cross-examine your marketing practices in comparison to others. Another good idea would be to think of why your list subscribed to you in the first place, what they expected from you and whether you delivered on your promises(s). However, even with following the advice of any internet marketer on how to keep your list satisfied, you will still lose subscribers over time regardless of who's advice you take because in the end there will be people subscribing to your campaign for various reasons of their own. What I do is stick to my three-step formula for social media marketing:

1) Provide valuable content
2) Build audience
3) Engage with audience


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