How To Write Effective Ads

Being able to write effective ads is an important skill for all online business owners. There are tons of people in the online marketing business wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective ads that have very low conversion rates, and hopefully this guide will save you time and money in your marketing efforts.

Grab and hold their attention from the start
According to a recent study by Microsoft, the average millennial has an attention span shorter than a goldfish, and you can bet your entire advertisement budget that those numbers will drop by the coming generations. Your ads(whether text, image or video) should grab and hold a persons attention in the first 3-5 seconds; it should be designed to stand out from other advertisements and it should make an offer or propose a solution to a problem your leads can't refuse.

Be clear in what you are promoting
Writing your ads to clearly explain what you are offering is very important; so important that this step can be what makes or breaks your lead conversion rates. For example, an ad that says "Hey you! Wanna make some money? Want a free gift? Click the link below!" will obviously get you more clicks than a ad that says "Are you interested in working from home? Click the link below to get your free report and learn how you can start generating income online", but the second ad will receive a better conversion rate because it is more targeted to your leads interests and concerns.

Create a sense of urgency
You don't want to give your leads too much time to think about the action you want them to take because this could potentially lead to them searching and comparing other offers. Create a deadline for what you are promoting and/or a bonus for subscribing as early as they possibly can.


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