Do Products Really Sell Themselves?

In my newfound opinion, no. One of my biggest mistakes upon joining the affiliate marketing industry was to believe that great products needed very little introduction before they eventually sold themselves. Unfortunately, my conversion rates thought differently! Look at it this way, if great products really sold themselves, why is it estimated that 97% of people joining this industry fail? Wouldn't everyone who promoted top ranked products be succeeding if it was that easy?

The idea that great products don't sell themselves can be partially circumvented through free-to-try marketing methods, but even then you still have to convince people why they should spend their hard earned money for the service and/or why they should buy it from you. You also have to make people aware of the fact that your product exists(which is a part of direct selling). Regardless of how good what you are promoting may be, no one can buy a product they have never heard of. You will not make a lot of sales by only telling people about your product. The business of marketing has always been about making your lead open up, lower their defense(s) and tell you exactly what they need and want in a product or service. By having this information at hand you are then able to adjust your marketing strategies specifically to them, because generally speaking, all people can't be sold a product or service the same way. This is also how you put yourself ahead of competition because you can tell your leads why your product or service is better than others while at the same time staying on track with subjects and areas of interest that your lead actually cares about. Do you understand how these things can't be done by expecting what you are selling to walk on two legs and sell itself? Having a great product and/or a free-to-try marketing strategy does not automatically mean people will purchase what you are promoting.


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