Marketing Vs Advertising

The usual tendency for newcomers in the internet marketing business is to use these two terms interchangeably. The truth is that they both lead to the same end results but have their own seperate processes.

Marketing is the process of studying your target audience and their values and needs.  The point is that the same strategies you use to promote your brand and products to one culture and demographic audience might not work on another. It is your job as a marketer to communicate your brand message and promotions to your target audience in a way that is easy to understand and very reflective of what you are offering them.

Advertising is the process of actually introducing your products and services to the marketplace. It is your job as a advertiser to present your products and services to the marketplace through several platforms such as newspapers, television, radio and internet.

Around 40% of the earths population have a active internet connection(source), So it is imperative that you make use of the internet, even if your actual business service is not conducted on the internet at all. The first and most important step here is to get yourself an attractive website to promote your brand. If you don't know how to design websites, or if you can't afford a website designer, you can take advantage of many wysiwyg(what-you-see-is-what-you-get) tools such as Joomla that will help you design professional looking websites and make the process as simple as clicking and dragging in some cases. You should also take advantage of blogging. It will take time to build a large audience through blogging, but in the end you will benefit from gaining leads on autopilot and painting yourself as an expert in your field to those same leads you generated online. The next step is to start learning how to market your website


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